International Hard Enduro race 2020 – Beskid HERO.



Agencja Sport UP  Sp. z o. o. Moniuszki 15 C 43-300 Bielsko-Biała
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The minimum age for riders in each class is 16 years old.


License: not required
Age: HOBBY – born between 01.01.1981 and 31.12.2004
HOBBY MASTERS – born in and before 1980
Required: insurance
Route category: basic, easy to navigate, dedicated for riders with basic Hard Enduro skills.

    • WOMEN:

License: not required
Age: WOMEN – born in and before 2004
Required: insurance
Route category: basic, easy to navigate, dedicated for riders with basic Hard Enduro skills.


License: not required
Age: EXPERT – born between 01.01.1981 and 31.12.2004
EXPERT MASTERS – born in and before 1980
Required: insurance
Route category: deditaced for Hard Enduro experienced. The route is moderately difficult.

    • PRO:

License: not required
Age: EXPERT – born in and before 2004
Required: insurance
Route category: dedicated for very experienced and pro riders. The route is difficult.



6.1.  Each competitor must provide the following documents:

    • ID card
    • OC and accident insurance – you can buy the insurance at the race office during rider’s registration.
    • If a competitor has not yet reached 18 years of age (till the first day of the event) he will need the guardian’s declaration signed by both parents.

6.2. Each rider must fulfill the following conditions:

    • Register online.
    • The motorcycles must be in a technical irreproachable condition. They will go through technical control after rider’s registration in the race office.
    • Own a protective helmet and clothing: goggles, gloves, boots and pads.
    • Rider’s medical condition must allow him to participate in the race.
    • Confirm his start in the race office and bring all documents from point 6.1.
    • Signe riders statement regarding personal responsibility.
    • Own the time transponders. Time transponders will be given to the riders during registration at office.




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    • Cross and Enduro motorcycles are allowed.
    • The motorcycles must be in a technical irreproachable condition. The noise level can not exceed 96dB.
    • The organizer is authorized not to allow motorcycles with technical problems to take part in the event.


    • The motorcycle may not be changed at any time during the Beskid HERO.
    • Repairs and services are allowed. Repairing the bike on the track is only allowed if no other competitor(s) are obstructed.
    • All repairs in parc ferme must be done on environmental mat.


    • There is one tank point on the track where all riders can leave their fuel for refueling their motorcycles during race.
    • The fuel must be provided by the riders on their own. It must be kept in plastic canister – signed with rider’s starting number. Canister with fuel must be left before parc ferme /in signed place/. Organizer will collect all canisters and transport them to the tank point on the track where it will be set in box with numbers: 1-50, 51-100, 101-151… – meaning your starting number. Canisters can be collected up to 30 minutes after finish of the last rider.
    • Refuel is allowed only with the engine turned off on ecological mats.
    • In the tank points areas there is a strict smoking interdiction!
    • Detailed informations about location and others of the tank point will be shared with riders during technical meeting.



    • The starting numbers will be handed out by the organizer in the order of registration.
    • 15 riders each categories with the best results 2019 edition will get number allowing  to start at prologue from the position 1-15 for example: 2019 edition winner will start from first position, second result 2019 – 2nd position etc./
    • They must be clearly and visibly positioned on the front, on the right and on the left of the motorcycle.
    • The technical inspection will be done only on motorcycles with valid starting numbers.
    • Only motorcycles with valid start numbers will be subject to technical control.



    • Marshalls on the track area are signaling danger on the route.
    • Marshalls are equipped with two flags: yellow and red.
    • Yellow flag is used for accidents. The rider after seeing the yellow flag must be careful, slow  down and  be prepared to stop completely.
    • During each loop riders will cross public roads two in two places, where check points are located. All riders are obligated to stop on every check point. While crossing the public roads riders are obligated to follow all rules given by marshals.
    • The rider seeing the fluttering red flag is obliged to stop immediately.
    • Riders are obligated to take part in riders briefing: on Friday at 20:00 and on Saturday at 20:00. All



    • When you see an accident on the road – stop and help the injured person.
    • If the injured person has lost consciousness or is suspected of serious injury – call the race medical services, or report the incident to the marshall.
    • If your motorcycle has been damaged and you are not able to reach the finish line – report it to the nearest marshall. At 18:00 each day the track will be officially closed by the secure service. Damaged motorcycles will be transported to the park ferme.



As the race participant you are required to own with you:

    • cell phone in waterproof case,
    • at least 2 liter of water,
    • thermal blanket.



Hard Enduro is a race taking place in difficult mountainous terrain. The demanding route is filled with natural sections of stones, boulders, river parts, roots, steep slopes and downhill runways.

Beskid HERO is a 3 days of extreme racing!

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The route is marked by marking tapes, hanged on the trees.

The track also includes special sections – separated on both sides by marking tapes. These sections have to be ridden between the tapes, if rider will ride outside them he will get the penalty time or get disqualificated.

IMPORTANT: On EXPERT, EXPERT MASTER and PRO tracks, in the sections marked as NO HELP ZONE, it is forbidden to get help from outside. Sections marked a NOZ can be only defeated by the riders on their own or with other competitors help.



    • Riders can get from the paddock to the start area only in the column lead by the organizer, 30 minutes before start. More details will be given to the riders during technical meeting.
    • It is forbidden to ride on the track lines before, during and after the race. Any tries of riding will be punished by disqualification.
    • Riders are starting in same order as they are written on the starting list. Any tries of changing the order might be punished by disqualification.
    • Riders should have clear and readable start numbers at the start area.
    • In the case of bad weather conditions the organizer will provide waterproof tents in the start area,
    • The finish line is clearly marked. Finsh is also confirmed by the referee waving a checkered flag.
    • Riders  who have not completed the prologue are allowed to race on the following day.
    • Riders who have not completed the race are obliged to report this fact to the race director or marshall located on the route area.
    • All riders will receive detailed information about race format and start-finish procedures during the technical meeting.
    • Overtaking should be based on fair play rules.
    • In the event of an accident the first competitor who will notice the injured person is obliged to inform the medical service, under the number: +48 533 334 422 or the nearest marshall.



    • Leaving the motorcycle in the Parc Fermé is mandatory.
    • Rider must submit his motorcycle to the park ferme in maximum 30 minutes afer finishing the race for a particular day, or he will get disqualified.
    • All repairs and refueling after the race should be done only in park ferme.
    • Park ferme is opened between 08:00 and 22:00.
    • It is forbidden to ride beside track and beside the paddock-start and finish-paddock sections.
    • The organizer is not responsible for the riders and fans who are riding on their motorcycles outside the aforementioned places.
    • Parc Fermé is secured 24/day.
    • In the paddock all riders will have access to: stall with moto parts, moto service, free moto-wash point, free shower and toilet, secured Parc Fermé.



There is one buffet place in the paddock with free food (bars, energy gels, fruit and water).



    • Competitors can only race in one category.
    • To avoid the traffic jams on the route all riders will be divided into two groups, according to their classes: first group – HOBBY, HOBBY MASTERS, WOMEN second group – EXPERT, EXPERT MASTERS and PRO.
    • Riders start individually, every 10 seconds, according to the starting list placed in the race office.
    • Starting list will be posted in the race office no later than 7 a.m. each race day of the race.
    • On the second day the competitors start in the order of ranking drawn up after the prologue, so the competitor with the lowest time during the prologue will start first.
    • On the third day the competitors start in the order of ranking drawn up after the second day, so the competitor with the lowest time during the second day will start first.
    • The competitor who will get the best time summed up after the first, second and third day of the HARD ENDURO race will win in his class. Prologue time is included in the overall time of the race.
    • Time timekeeping is done by time transponders located on 6 check points.
    • Riders has to ride through the checkpoints marked with two flags. All riders are obligated to stop at each checkpoint and mark his checkpoints card /given during registration/. Checkpoint card should be fixed to the bar.
    • The number of checkpoints will be given during the technical meeting.
    • Failure to reach a checkpoint or not stopping at checkpoint will lead to time penalties.
    • To the finals result is taken sum of your times from all three days.
    • Riding on event terrain before race = disqualification!



Ridets will be given two stickers with time transponder. Rider is the only person responsible for correct fixing and lost of the time transponder. Time transponders should be located on the helmet and front lamp/front number plate during registration. Riders should take helmets and front lamp/front number plate to the registration.



With hard work we managed to acquire mountainous areas for the Beskid HERO race. We would like this race to become an event, that will be written permanently in the calendar of moto-events and will take place cyclically for many years, becoming a showcase of the Polish hard enduro scene. The terrains are only available to motorcyclists during the official racing. All riders and fans are obliged to respect our hard work effort and not ride the race area before and after the competition.

Please, respect nature and landowners – if you see people breaking our rules and riding on the race areas talk with them and share this thought with them.



Prizes are awarded in each class for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place:

    • EXPERT, PRO: money prizes + material prizes



The Main Referee may give the riders the following penalties:

    • warings,
    • time penalties,
    • disqualification,

TIME PENALTY is given to the rider when:

    • he did not reach/stopp in the checkpoint.

DISQUALIFICATION is given to the rider when:

    • he did not show up on a technical meeting,
    • changed his motorcycle during race,
    • changed his motorcycle with other riders without reporting it to the referee,
    • refueled his motorcycle outside the tank point / parc ferme,
    • refueled his motocyckle with the engine turned on,
    • smoked at the tank point,
    • rode his motorcycle outside the allowed areas,
    • rode in opposite direction than is allowed,
    • received help from others (except riders) in NO HELP ZONE.



In order to permit the widest possible dissemination and promotion of the Beskid HERO, any and all persons taking part in the Beskid HERO for any reason (hereinafter collectively referred to as the Competitors) acknowledge and agree that their participation in the competition grants to the organizers and assignees the irrevocable right to reproduce and display, without any compensation whatsoever, their name, likeness, voice, biography and history, and more generally, their sports performance in connection with the Beskid HERO, as well as the trade name(s), trade mark(s), brand(s) of their vehicle parts manufacturers, constructors and sponsors, in any and all forms, on any media (whether now existing or hereafter developed) and in any format, for all kinds of world-wide use, including advertising and/or commercial use without any restrictions whatsoever except for those mentioned hereinafter, and for the entire duration of the protection currently granted for such use by legal or statutory provisions, judicial and/or arbitral decisions of all countries, as well as international conventions (present and future), including eventual extensions that could be made to this duration.

Likewise, with the exception of books, photograph books, comic strips, in any form of publication, video cassettes, CD-ROMs, DVD’s or more generally all video recording or videodiscs, on any kind of device and in any format whatsoever, dealing with all or part of the Beskid HERO, posters, travel diaries, autograph books, maps, official programs of the Beskid HERO, the organizer will not exploit or allow the exploitation of the individual image of the Competitor in the context of marketing by-products known as merchandising.



Recommended accommodation is listed on the race page at:



Nearest hospital:

Szpital Powiatowy w Żywcu: ul. Henryka Sienkiewicza 52, 34-300 Żywiec, tel. 33 861 40 31